A cow (male: bull) is a large, domesticated mammal. Cows are herbivores and are primarily bred to produce beef. Many cows are also specifically bred to make milk; usually upon reaching an older age, those are also slaughtered for beef.

Cows and bulls were first domesticated in the Middle East and India about 6000 years ago. In the Hindu religion, it is considered a sacrilege to kill or consume a cow.

Beef and other red meat is a significant part of the European diet, as well as the United States. Raising cattle takes large amounts of space and resources, which is why beef is generally expensive as a foodstuff.

Bulls are an important cultural symbol for Spain and to some extent other Hispanic countries, with toreros and bullfighting a major part of Catalan culture. The Western zodiac symbol Taurus represents a bull, which also exists in the Chinese zodiac.